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Sweat equity academy 2018

The 2018 Class is now closed!

Be sure to message us below if you are interested in being on the wait list for the next class!

the #1 online course to bettering your health and your wealth!

Learn to be the person you were meant to become!

Increase your physical and mental strength and learn how to harness your strengths to serve people better!

The time is NOW to make a difference in your health, wealth, and energy! WE have the answer. SWEAT EQUITY.

Scroll down to learn more!

Wealth Coaching


• Do you want wealth and freedom?

• Do you want a millionaire mentor? Someone to help identify your strengths and show you how to use them for your maximum potential?

• Start getting paid for what you love, unleash your inner creativity, and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!

Join me at Sweat Equity Academy and you will learn to:

  • Improve knowledge, wits, and mental strength

  • Increase Cash Flow!

  • Harness your personal strengths to better serve people!

  • Learn to make money selling your brand! 

  • Become your own boss

  • Work from a laptop

  • Channel your TRUE value

  • Become an even better entrepreneur than you could have imagined!

Health Coaching


• Do you want energy to guarantee success in life?

• Do you want to increase your overall wellness to lead a healthy, happy life?

• If you want to increase your mental and physical health, be stronger and more active, and contribute more to your daily life and family, then this is for YOU!

Join the Sweat Equity Academy and you will:

  • Become more physically fit 

  • Lower your body fat percentage 

  • Increase your energy levels,

  • Learn about your gut health, metabolic health, and mind health!


Benefits of joining the Sweat Equity Academy include:

• Improved cash flow

• Ingrain a perpetually positive mindset for life!

• Lower your body fat percentage

• Increase physical and mental strength

• Improve your energy levels

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Sweat Equity Academy Program Details

• 66 Day Health & Wealth Program featuring group and individual coaching from Aaron and Marissa Armstrong

• 3 Coaching Video Conferences a month. All recorded for anytime access!

- Intro Call- 90 minutes- Individual Call

  • 30 minutes of nutrition planning and goal setting 

  • 30 minutes of fitness consultation and accessing

  • 30 minutes on strategic lifestyle and wealth goal planning.

- Mid-Month Call- 60 minutes- Group Call

  • Q&A

  • Mid-Month Progress Check In and social accountability

  • Networking and motivation

  • Recorded for anytime access

-End of Month Call- 60 minutes- Individual Call

     • Tailored to the Individual for their needs

• Private Facebook Group Access

• Exclusive Sweat Equity Academy Starter Box

• Recorded sessions available for life!

• Exclusive discounts on Health Coaching and Wealth Coaching at 

  program completion!

Program Details
Meet the Coaches

meet the experts behind sweat equity academy--

aaron & marissa armstrong

Marissa Armstrong

Aaron Armstrong

Owner of Marissa's Fit Boutique

  • B.S. Exercise Science

  • 7+ years of experience in health & fitness

  • Clients ranged from High School competitive athletes to bodybuilders, to older active adults.

  • Former sponsored Athlete for Maximum Human Performance supplements

  • Former NPC Bikini Competitor

  • Studied strictly science based long term weight management techniques

  • Gut-Health Enthusiast

  • Holistic Health Advocate

Owner of Armstrong


  • West Point Graduate

  • Veteran

  • Owner- Armstrong Ventures, LLC

  • Owner- Armstrong Real Estate Group, LLC

  • Co-Owner- Marissa's Fit Boutique, LLC

  • Co-Owner- Simplex Leadership Engineering

  • Wealth Consultant

  • Host of Winners, Wallets & Worldviews Podcast

  • Professional Life and Business Strategist


Before the Program:

Sweat Equity Academy Starter Box 

• Sweat Equity Academy Water  


• Sweat Equity Academy Notebook

• Personalized Exercise Program and accountability Push-Notifications delivered to your phone via the Marissa's Fit Boutique App

After the Program:

• Access to your recordings for life

• Access to your Wealth & Health coaches

• Health & Wealth Coaching Special

   Program Discounts

• Sweat Equity Academy Graduation Plaque

Join Now!


Sweat Equity Academy is open for a limited number of participants per session. We limit the number of participants so that we are able to give the best individual attention and guidance to lead you in this journey. We will give you expert leadership in the areas of Health and Wealth during this 66 day program to get you started on where you want to be.

Simply fill out the form below for more information and for one of our representatives to contact you regarding program enrollment and answer any questions you may have!

Name: *

Email: *


Best time to contact:

Questions and Inquiries:

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What People Are Saying

"Seriously, if you are trying to better yourself and your business, you NEED this podcast in your life. The episodes are quick but powerful. I’ve taken something away from every single one and it’s one of the few podcasts that I actually look forward to a new episode!!!"

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