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Stu Massengill

How to Communicate Like a Pro with Stu Massengill

In today's episode, hear from a Tony Robbins Trainer and Communications Expert that has worked with starts such as Rob Dyrdek and Shaun White shares how to effectively interact and communicate with people like a pro. Stu helps others find their passion in life through his podcast and free book and shares his tips and tricks with us in this episode!

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My name is Stu Massengill, I’m an average guy with above average dreams and goals. I’m sure you’re wondering why I feel compelled to help the world become better communicators, networkers and overall create the life of their dreams. Well, let me share with you a bit about my story. All my life up to 2011, I myself was a shy kid who wasn’t one to meet new people and push myself out of my comfort zone. I constantly wanted to be good with people but continuously struggled, never quite figuring it out. This all changed when I started a business where I was required to interact with thousands of people a month. This gave me a key realization: how we interact with people - and if we can do it effectively - shapes our life.

Over the next 5 years I forced myself to become amazing with people. I wanted to live my best life and enjoy any other human being that was in my presence. Through this journey I discovered specific skills that helped me become comfortable in nearly any situation around people. From starting a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop, to approaching Rob Dyrdek and taking him to lunch, I now have the skills to create any new connection I desire. Through all of this connecting, I found where I am able to serve at the highest level, as a National Trainer for the #1 strategist on the planet, Tony Robbins. Aside from that, I have a Podcast called Finding Direction where I interview people who live passionate and fulfilling lives and learn tactics from them about how to find one’s direction in life.

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