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Matt Kopko

Improving the Lives of Working Individuals with Matt Kopko

Ready to recruit and train talent for your business? Improve your retention, learn about payroll and more with guest Matt Kopko, DailyPay’s Vice President of Public Policy.

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Matt Kopko is DailyPay's Vice President of Public Policy, where he manages DailyPay's interactions with regulators, legislators, other government officials and stakeholders. Matt was drawn to DailyPay because he has a passion for focusing on emerging technologies that help improve the lives of millions of working individuals. Prior to his role at DailyPay, Matt served in a similar role at Bird, the micromobility company. Matt was also a senior government official and member of the Senior Executive Service, as well as an attorney in private practice. Matt holds a bachelor's degree from Princeton University, and a JD/MBA from the University of Chicago.

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