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Winners of the Week

How to Communicate Like a Pro with Stu Massengill

Stu Massengill

In today's episode, hear from a Tony Robbins Trainer and Communications Expert that has worked with starts such as Rob Dyrdek and Shaun White shares how to effectively interact and communicate with people like a pro. Stu helps others find their passion in life through his podcast and free book and shares his tips and tricks with us in this episode!

Supplement Your Income and Find a Side Hustle with Nick Loper

Nick Loper

Nick Loper, creator of Side Hustle Nation, gives tactical tips and advice to learn about different ideas to supplement your income. Nick is a TedX speaker, an Amazon author, hosts the podcast The Side Hustle Show, and entrepreneur supporting others who seek to add a little more financial freedom and security to their lives.

Maintaining Integrity and Honesty in Your Business with Terry Rich

Terry Rich

Terry Rich, successful CEO and President of 25 years, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, shares how to maintain integrity and honesty in your business while being successful in your venture. Terry has proven experience and in this episode chats about his business journey, dealing with success, and gives advice on everything from past experience to trying new things.

Mindset Training and Mindfulness with Christian Straka

Christian Straka

Christian Straka, a trained Mindfulness coach and international pro athlete trainer in mindfulness and mindset training, is bringing his knowledge, experience, and advice to you in this amazing, mind-opening episode. Tune in today to hear how you can incorporate mindfulness into your business practices today!

Improving the Lives of Working Individuals with Matt Kopko

Matt Kopko

Ready to recruit and train talent for your business? Improve your retention, learn about payroll and more with guest Matt Kopko, DailyPay’s Vice President of Public Policy.

Success Topics & Tactics with Investment Professional Ludwig Diaz

Ludwig Diaz

Today, Aaron talks with Army Veteran, real estate expert, entrepreneur and investment professional Ludwig Diaz. Ludwig has deep industry expertise in many investment and real estate areas, and he is talking about personal values, balancing life and success, and giving tips to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hollywood Success Tactics with Debra Wanger

Debra Wanger

Today, Aaron introduces you to Debra Wanger, an actor, singer, and certified Human Potential Coach. Debra has worked in the film and theater industries, help to guide well-known actors’ careers, such as Halle Berry and Antonio Banderas, and has an Amazon Best-Selling Book, The Resilient Actor, and a just released CD, Driving My Own Heart. She is a sought-after speaker, and has done and seen it all. Tune in to hear her speak on the darker secrets of working in the film industry, the challenges she has experienced, and the success tips she provides on being able to compete in the top industries.

The Power of Possibility with Nelson Tressler

Nelson Tressler

Join Aaron in today’s episode as he talks with Nelson Tressler, CEO and Founder of 6 Months 2 Success- a transformative business program, and successful entrepreneur and investor. Nelson talks about his journey, inspirations, and the power of possibility for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey.

Different Personal Financial Advice

Jerry Fetta

There are many types of views on personal finance out there. I wanted to share one view today from a guest who is committed to helping his clients simplify their money, make it work for them, and help them ultimately use their money to build wealth. Jerry Fetta is the owner and founder of Wealth DynamX and he shares his personal business journey with you and also talks through personal finance and wealth.

Carving Out a Market Niche in a Crowded Environment with Ryan Coon

Ryan Coon

In today’s episode, Ryan Coon, Co-Founder & CEO of Avail, talks about how he carved out a market niche inside the very crowded market environment of real estate. Avail is the only all-in-one solution designed for do-it-yourself landlords and their tenants. Avail serves over 600,000 customers and employs 30+ employees. Listen in to hear how Ryan started his business, his struggles and challenges, and how he is operating a successful company today. 

From a Side Hustle to a Full Time Career with Christian Catron

Christian Catron

Today we are talking strategy and insight on how you can have a real estate side hustle and turn it into a multi million dollar revenue producing operation. I am introducing you to Christian Catron, a West point grad and real estate developer and syndicator based out of Dallas, Texas. You won’t want to miss his insight and advice, no matter if you are starting a side hustle, or transitioning your side hustle into a full time career!

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