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Business Consulting & Personal Coaching

1:1 Elite Leadership


Every month

Advanced: Best for a Leader of Leaders

Valid for 6 months

• 3 by one hour-long sessions per month with A.J. via Video

• Unlimited access to A.J. through Voxer

• All and any personal or business-related advice

• Business, Leadership, financial analysis, sales trainings

• Christian-based Relationship coaching for couples

• Mastermind Silver Membership included

• FREE VIP access to Armstrong Ventures sponsored events

• Exclusive discount on AV lifestyle retreats

• 100% confidentiality

• 6-month commitment to ensure commitment and follow-through

1:1 Accountability Program


Every month

Best for Creative Leaders that Seek Accountability

Valid for 1 month

Best Value

• 1 by one hour-long strategy session with A.J. per month

• Daily accountability via unlimited Voxer access

• Tracking metrics

• Pivots and change-up discussions

• 1 by 30 min check-ins via phone with A.J.

• Includes a 1 Hour Discovery Call where you will:

Gain 100% clarity on your top goals for the next 90 days

Destroy limiting beliefs that prevented past growth

Install an immediate action strategy to achieve your goals

30 Day Fast Paced Program

100% Confidentiality

Consulting Rates


Per hour

Perfect for Business Leaders


• Conceptual Strategy

• Financial Analysis and Pro-forma

• Marketing Strategy

• Media Production

• Creative Marketing Development

• Business Plan Development

• Public Press Releases and Public Relations Strategy

• Systematization of business processes

• Project Management

• Operational Management

• Technical Consulting (IT or General Engineering)

Not sure where to start?

We can help you choose!




A FREE 20 minute phone call with A.J., and he will hear your story and discuss which options may best work.



Review and sign our agreement form

Review your agreement to see all the details of what's included in your coaching program.



start getting results

Once the agreement is signed, we can finally start taking MASSIVE action in your life and business!

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