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Education, Exploration, and Empowerment in the world's most luxurious travel Destinations.




Application Cut-off is 1/31/2020

Personal Growth Ventures specialize in hosting vacation seminars that combine a beautiful vacation adventure with valuable personal and professional growth experiences. These trips are aimed at capturing the balance of work and play in the most scenic and luxurious travel destinations. 

Our unique travel excursions embrace our customized approach to create lasting results in your personal, professional, or business goals.  Our unconventional approach to personal growth and development consists of education, exploration, empowerment, and evolution. 

What to Expect

Your travel experience will be organized into a 7 day adventure complete with educational seminars on business strategy & personal growth, explorations & excursions, group workouts, and mentorship & accountability 

Where is this Adventure?


St. Lucia

Helen of the West Indies

St. Lucia (Loo-sha) remains relatively unspoiled, a checkerboard of green-mantled mountains, valleys, wild orchids, and fishing villages. The island has a mixed French and British heritage, but there's a hint of the South Pacific about it as well. Music reverberates throughout St. Lucia, and the savory smells of a rich cuisine waft through Marigot Bay and Soufrière. A favorite stopoff for island-hoppers, yachties and jetsetters, St. Lucia offers volcanic rock beaches, lush fruity landscapes, and a lively nightlife of limbo, jazz, and rum punch. On February 22, 1979, St. Lucia became an independent state within the British Commonwealth of Nations, with a resident governor-general appointed by the queen. Still, the island appears to have retained more relics of French influence—notably the island patois, cuisine, village names, and surnames—than of the British. Most likely, that's because the British contribution primarily involved the English language, the educational and legal systems, and the political structure, whereas the French culture historically had more influence on the arts—culinary, dance, and music.

The BodyHoliday Resort*

BodyHoliday is one of the World’s best spas, that also turns out to be one of the world’s most pleasurable holidays. It has been a pioneering concept in the hospitality industry since it first opened in 1988 and continues to win major industry awards. It’s become well known for its unique approach to well-being and BodyHoliday continues to deliver on its promise; ‘Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind”.

The resort provides a great beach holiday, supported by luxurious rooms and delicious cuisine, but it is far more than that; it is also designed to be the most relaxing and rejuvenating wellness holiday in the world.

*Previously advertised as the Royalton Resort St Lucia.  Armstrong Ventures changed over resort locations to better accommodate guests by providing higher quality nutritional options, more fitness related activities, and to provide a higher value experience for guests of this retreat. 

What's Included in the price?

  • Luxury room accommodations for seven nights

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the dining outlets at the resort

  • Unlimited beverages at the hotel’s bars with domestic and international alcohol, wine by the glass, beer, soft drinks, water and juices

  • Round trip shared transfers Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) to the hotel with baggage handling

  • Non-motorized water sports as offered at the resort

  • Nightly entertainment as offered by the resort

  • 3 Business Seminars & 3 Personal Growth Seminars hosted by Aaron Armstrong and his staff

  • Private Welcome Party Dinner

  • Internet access in guest rooms

  • Daily Group Workouts hosted by Marissa Armstrong

  • Three group adventures that include:

    • Zip-Lining​

    • Hiking the Piton Mountains

    • And Cliff Jumping...yes, we will talk more about this ;)

  • Group Dinners

  • Networking

  • And MORE!!!

What's not included?

  • Airfare. 

  • Any additional excursions



That's about it!


When are we going?

Saturday May 9th through Saturday May 16th of 2020

Download our tentative Itinerary!

About the Hosts

Marissa Armstrong

Marissa Armstrong is a leader in the world of fitness and health. With over seven years of experience in personal training and exercise science, she has confidently led hundreds of individuals to achieve and maintain their health and wellness goals.

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A. J. Armstrong

Aaron (A.J.) Armstrong is a leader, engineer, entrepreneur, manager, veteran, investor, international business and life strategist, and author. He is a former D1 football player and graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a BS in Systems Engineering. He and his wife are the owners and founders of three start-up companies: Armstrong Ventures LLC, Armstrong Real Estate Group LLC, and Marissa’s Fit Boutique LLC. 

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Our Approach


This vacation is complete with classroom style courses to expand perspective and provide real life strategies for business or personal growth. see below for the courses you will complete! 

Market Analysis
The Two-Day MBA

Over two days there will be over 6 course hours that can apply to your business or your life!  The course covers financial statement analysis, maximizing your returns, cutting edge marketing techniques, building upon your business or personal strengths, covering your weaknesses, leadership like an Alpha, build influence, and destroy your sales targets!

This program applies to all individuals not just business owners.  It aims to improve overall business acumen and think of yourself or business as an entity of value.

The High Performance Results Course

This 12-hour course will be spread out throughout the week and is designed to gain clarity in your purpose, design and achieve health and fitness goals, and ignite a more passionate relationship. By the end of this course you will gain absolutely clarity in your top goals for the year, destroy fear and limiting beliefs that have held you back, and derive a plan of action for lasting results in your life.


Throughout this vacation, we have strategically designed excursions to challenge your personal spirit and solidify what was learned through the courses by captivating a memorable emotion. These adventures test your fears and physical endurance to allow your soul to experience new sensations and emotions that are guaranteed to unlock your success code. 

All of these excursions are included in the price!

Zip Lining

St Lucia is home to some of the worlds most incredible zip-lining experiences. Beautiful tropical rainforests and mountains make for an incredibly attractive way to explore.  Get hitched up to a series of cables and zip from platform to platform in the tree canopy and swing like Tarzan or Jane. Once again, we work exclusively with professionals to ensure safety throughout this adventure!

Zip lining will give us a metaphor for trust.  In zip lining, its incredibly important to trust equipment and trust the system.  Much like in life, we have a plan and we must trust that we are guided in our journey and we must surrender at times and trust the process.

Hiking the Piton Mountains

The Piton Mountains are two iconic volcanic mountains that stand over 2,619 feet above sea level.  The trail lasts 5-6 hours and is physically demanding.  We recommend coming on this trip in physical shape.  The trail will have an experienced guide to ensure the utmost safety.

This is excursion is carefully designed to reinforce the concepts of accountability and perseverance.  In life and business, we often struggle with follow-through and commitment. This will symbolize the commitment we must make to attract high levels of success!

piton hike.jpg
cliff diving.jpg
Cliff Diving

Yes, we said it.  The fear of heights is the 3rd most common fear in the world.  So, there’s a good chance you’re afraid to.  And, that’s the point!  We will safely organize a beginner level cliff jump into the beautifully blue St Lucia waters.  Don’t worry, we are serious about our safety and want to make everything a safe and fun experience!

This experience is the culminating event for the week.  Jumping dozens of feet off a cliff into water symbolizes breaking through fear and taking a leap of faith!  The adrenaline and fear that sinks in as your toes peep to the edge of the cliff is the same adrenaline and fear that stops us from progressing in our day to day lives. If you can find the courage to complete challenge, you will emerge from any fears or adversity you find in your lives.

Community, Power, and Trust

We believe community and teamwork are one part of the recipe to success.  Our intimate sized venue will allow us to uplift each other, call each other out, keep each other accountable, or encourage one another to find the true power within themselves. We have a team of experienced coaches and mentors to provide valuable insight into your own internal roadblocks.

The courses and ventures are carefully designed to reveal your full potential and give you the framework to create your ultimate destiny.  You will emerge from this adventure with a whole new mastery of personal accomplishment and be fully prepared to conquer unlimited challenges!

Crowd Surfing
"Shedding one's skin. The snake that cannot shed its skin perishes. So do the spirits who are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be spirit."

It is important that the old behaviors that limit us or prevent us from growing be cast away.  We will carefully analyze which limiting beliefs have prevented growth in the past and generate a new version of you that is in alignment with your highest purpose!


We encourage you to make the decision and step out your current self.  Join us for an incredible journey to discover who you truly are and who you’re truly capable of becoming.

Fredrick Nietzsche


Thank you for reaching out, a member of our team will be right with you!

Still have questions? Let's talk!

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