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On September 9th, 2020, speakers and musicians Aaron Armstrong, Johnny Drifter, and their band Sippi River Drifters are going to drift down the Mississippi River and put on 4 day day floating music festival along the Mississippi.  However, instead of traveling in a tour bus, they will travel by water from La Crosse WI, to Prairie Du Shin in a drift to end Sex Slavery.  

It costs roughly $10,000 in overhead to investigate, arrest, and prosecute human trafficking criminals and bring a child home safely.  If we can raise $10,000, we could be funding the brave men and women involved in bringing children home to their families. 

This great river adventure is raw, unrehearsed, and experimental.

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We will play live music in on a moving raft from La Crosse, WI stopping at small river towns and sand bars and end in Prairie Du Shin, WI.  The music will be raw, experimental, and all in to fund-raise to end sex trafficking and child-slavery.  100% of proceeds will be given to Operation Underground Railroad. 

100% of proceeds will be directly donated to Operation Underground Railroad.  This cause is led by some remarkable individuals full of authenticity and credibility. Go to or donate here
All links go directly to the OUR RESCUE website. 
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