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If you're going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.

Joseph Campbell

AV TV is an American YouTube show on Aaron Armstrong's YouTube Channel.  Hosted by Aaron, this show is intended to provoke thoughts in the realm of leadership, philosophy ,and heroism through creative, engaging, and entertaining video productions.

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House Of The Lord | ELECTRIC GUITAR || Phil Wickham

House Of The Lord | ELECTRIC GUITAR || Phil Wickham

Electric Guitar cover of “House Of The Lord” by Phil Wickham *We do not own the original/backing audio. Guitars are tracked for your learning process. Access full Guitar Tutorials & Resources for this song at ◾️ VIDS_TUTORIALS_PRESETS_&_MORE! Get resources like More Videos, Tabs, Presets, Practice Clicks, and more. ◾️ EG_SHOP: STRYMON WORSHIP PACKS: You’re An EG. Express It with Apparel & More: ◾️ SOCIAL_MEDIA Connect at each of these platforms! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK_PAGE: ◾️ CONTACT #HouseOfTheLord #PhilWickham #ElectricGuitar ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎸GIG_BAGS: Mono DUAL Guitar Gig Bag: Mono Single Gig Bag: Reunion Blues Dual Gig Bag: Reunion Blues Single Gig Bag: 💻 TECH_PERIPHERALS: Airturn BT Pedal for Tablets & Computers: Airturn BT Pedal for DAWs & MIDI: Donner Bluetooth pedal: Wireless Guitar System: ☕️ NECESSITIES_&_ACCESSORIES: Gravity Picks (for thicker preferences): Dunlop Tortex Picks: D'Addario NYXL Strings (10/46): String Winder & Cutter: Dunlop Short Chrome Slide: Dunlop Short Brass Slide: Dunlop Glass Slide: Guitar Studio Wall Hangers: D’Addario Instrument Cable: 💡CABLE-MAKING_EQUIPMENT: Soldering Iron: 60/40 Solder (to use for patch cables): Mogami Patch Cable: Pancake Plugs: Right-Angle Plugs: Straight Plugs:

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